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John Rogers - Deep Immersion Media
Having spent most of his career in the film business in New York City, John moved to Mexico in 2002 and has been living there ever since as an ex-pat. His career prior to the move has included various production positions in feature films, with his last role serving Harvey Weinstein as a Senior Vice President of Post Production for Miramax.
John is currently living on the Yucatan Peninsula with his wife and two children and is always on the lookout for new and interesting experiences in his adopted country. He is actively involved in video production and photography, as well as renovating colonial homes in the city of Merida. His experiences have included driving a truck pulling a vintage Airstream trailer from Miami to Xcalak (the Southeastern most point in Mexico) fueled primarily by used vegetable oil. He was covered in the local press and brought much-needed attention to the importance of using renewable fuels.
John is thrilled to be involved with Deep Immersion and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with this dynamic team. Here is his IMDB information relating to his work in Hollywood and NY.