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What does it look like?

Like your brain sees it, like your there

When you are riding your bike, a half pipe, the back country, your board, your rig what is going through your mind? Over the course of the experience it is likely you are doing more than passively observing  your surroundings. This is what takes you to your zen spot, or the place in your head you go when you go for a run, ride, jump, dive, or paddle. So let us help you take your audience there too. Lets engage them fully, hear the cadence of the feet pounding, the heartbeat, the sights and sounds but also the RPM, the g force, the dive time, the altitude, the speed over ground, the things you just cannot easily convey with an image or typical video clip. Until now, Let Deep Immersion Media put your tribe in the action. They will thank you for it.


Not just the grunts, not just the blur of the landscape, lets put the story in its place with location on the map, cadence, speed, windspeed, heart rate, there is more to this story.

Road bike overlay | Deep Immersion Media Look Like


There is more to a race than just going fast, and watching the wall wiz by, lets put the production level of your next Motorsports event on the same level as a major network. Want to show your performance product in a grueling trial, we can help convey that performance.

Race Overlay Image

Mountain biking:

Wow, that looks fast. But is he still peddling? More importantly is she peddling fast enough to get her speed high enough for that gap coming up? Now the plot thickens, literally.

Mountain Bike Overlay


Free diving, SCUBA Diving and Spearfishing:

Without a doubt one of the best markets for deep immersion media, when is that last time you saw an underwater sport broadcast? Well stay tuned, DIM will be bringing you the first live cast fully immersive spearfishing tournament coming the summer of 2016. Will the free diver have enough breath to haul that fish from 90' to the surface before blacking out, well find out together.

Diving overlay 2

Hang gliding, Sky Diving and Paragliding:

It hard to beat the view from up high, but its impossible to have any perspective too. Why is that pilot grunting? Oh well he is ascending at 150 feet per minute and puling about 3X the force of gravity on his harness, now I see. But will it be enough altitude to glide to the finish 500 miles from his current position? Lets find out together.


Hang glider Overlay

Expedition and Event Coverage:

In a book they call this perspective third person omniscient, in the back country we call it drone footage. Have an event that takes the participants way out there? Good, because with the innovative technology and expertise of Deep Immersion Media we can bring it to the fore front and push it out to your tribes phones, tv's, and laptops. No how is that sponsorship value looking?

Drone overlay

Drone Racing:

Drone racing is as close to Star Wars's podracing that anyone really ought to get. Its small scale and fast so without metrics its hard to comprehend and a perfect illustration of the power in Deep Immersion Media, we dare you to look away for a second. Who would not want to jump on a land speeder and blast through the forest of Endor with Luke and Leia? With this type of  technology and team we can convey that experience.


Adventure Races, Running, Geocaching and Orienteering:

Have many issues to cover as an event but have now never looked so good! Want to build excitement, increase participation and attention for your foot based sports that are too fast or far out for spectators to view? Deep Immersion Media has you covered. Lets turn your Holiday 5k, geocache challenge,  orienteering or adventure race into an engaging and immersive experience for participants friends, family, and your sports' global tribe.

Running overlay


Do you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, do you have a mouse?