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When you hear the word web design, what is the 1st word that involves mind? Pretty, attractive, color scheme? it's extremely common for people to think about a web site as a form of art on-line. In essence, web design is considered a digital art form. However, web design is much more than creating a web site look short, responsive web design is the art of designing websites for a multitude of screen sizes and devices, so that there is an optimal experience for every user at every possible size.

Effective web design includes site structure, usability, functionality, and so much more. It is well known that the internet has changed the way many businesses compete and operate.An important element of Web Design is the structure of the site. This has to do with the platform used to present content on your website.You can use straight HTML, PHP, CSS or other coding options, or you can use a script, such as WordPress or Joomla.Responsive web design is at its best when it's device agnostic; where you’re not aiming to design for particular resolutions or sizes, such as for iPhone or iPad sizes only. Each of these options presents its own pros and cons, and they can all affect search engine rankings.

Designing for a Responsive Web

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).Technologies come and go, but the Web remains. Screens went from tiny to huge and then back to tiny again, but the Web remains.The Web remains because it is not a fixed screen size. The Web remains because it is not a specific device. The Web doesn’t need to be installed. The Web is inherently resilient and infinitely malleable. The Web has the capacity to go anywhere, do anything, and reach anyone. Now though, always makes responsive Web design and look good on all device like computers, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, televisions, games consoles - the list feels almost endless.

Readability is an important element of Web Design

Readability is an important aspect of web design usability and that is not a secret. when you write content for your website always remember, Text can be beautiful, easy to read, wild, engaging, exciting and a wide number of other things.If readability is done correctly, it will allow the users to assimilate easier the information given in the text. This will depend on a few factors like the content structure, style and design.

  1. Always choose a dark text on light background. Black text on white background is the easiest text to read. While black backgrounds and white text, it's uncomfortable for the average reader. Keep this in mind while choosing colors for your site.
  2. Always use white space in your web site content,  White-space is an important element of design for good reason. white-space always show the positivity and  that are easy on the eyes and make people want to keep reading.

Deep Immersion Media specializes in design  for responsive web site and your generating customer engagement turning casual visitors into customers and fans by adjusting the look, feel, and functionality of your website to fit your target market.

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