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Event Planning


Whether small or large, sports event planning is an animal to its own. Organizing venues, entertainment, logistics, vendor collaboration, digital and printed materials such as maps and schedules,require a daunting amount of work and investment upfront. Contracting for these locations and services, managing liability for the sports event, insuring literally against third party failures or even the weather are important when capital is on the line. Deep Immersion Media thrives on executing complex events. We could not be more at home in a remote location with tricky weather conditions, high risk adventure or showcasing extreme athletes.

Since planning an sports event planning is both art and a science, we employ both people and technology. Everyone loves to celebrate a action sports event. Whether a client is sports event planning an upcoming Extreme Sport Competition, Adventure Race, Drone Race, or  any other type of action based live cast or broadcasted event, Deep Immersion Media can help.

Sports Event Planning these new and emerging events can be fraught with a sharp learning curve and too many decisions and often the cause of sleepless nights and worry about how to ensure the event is a big success. DEEP IMMERSION MEDIA can help you host a truly memorable event. We want to make sure your competitors, participants, spectators, and fans enjoy the best experience. From video production and broadcasting to music, food, and special entertainment it is important to make sure to capture all the true excitement and fun.

Working with Deep Immersion Media and our sports event planning partners is a unique experience in that we can handle every aspect of your event, from concept development and logistics to event registration, production, broadcasting, and marketing. Whether you need assistance with one or more of these aspects for your event we are here to help.


Once we’ve established a working relationship with you, set the event date and budget we take care of all or some of the details. Any event management company can help you choose hire catering, find a lodging, refer rental companies, run registration, and produce event memento or souvenirs for your event. It takes a real partner to get to know your business, understand your objectives, and design and deliver an event that will help you achieve your goals.  DEEP IMMERSION MEDIA is uniquely placed to provide you with a total sports event planning solution. We are equally happy to provide just one element – creative production, delegate management, event broadcast and production technology, travel management, venue sourcing, and much more. DEEP IMMERSION MEDIA team can assist you in developing a business case for your event and delivering an event that exceeds expectations. We will work closely with you to achieve the principal objective of your event — whether that’s increased profit, higher attendee numbers or a distinctive delegate experience. Our association and event management expertise helps us ask the right questions to determine what you really want and tailor our services for your event's success. We pride ourselves on exceeding client We’re an event management company that has worked with many types of clients on various functions with great success. Yours could be next.

Sport Event Planning Services

Your event maintains its own identity while you take advantage of as many services as you wish

  • Event Management and Concepts
  • Meeting Design & Planning
  • Event communications and promotion
  • Sponsor and Exhibit Management
  • Budget, cash flow, and financial management
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Sponsorship sales, support and fulfillment