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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

In recent media there have been articles andpresentations about how important experiences are in comparison to possessions to consumers. The results are not news if you are in the travel industry. Experiences are what you get a person who has every possession. Well designed and planned trips have longer lasting value than most possessions. Is this bad news for product makers? No, it’s great news, but only if product makers engage their prospects and customers with events and experiences. At events, there are direct interpersonal relationships that develop between guides and clients, makers and users, athletes and fans. These experiences can have long lasting effects in driving brand awareness, brand loyalty, and enthusiasm for that specific event that will be shared with each participant’s network of friends. Increasing thatevents exposure via technology to spread audienceand increase engagement adds greater value. Harnessing interested fans that cannot attend events due to financial, geographic, or cultural barriers allows a greater net effect for both the event holder and the participant. Deep Immersion Media was founded the principals ofdelivering quality, value, and entertainment to ensure everyone enjoys their experience and the results are a larger more engaged community of fans and customers.