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Copy Writing

Pictures and video are important, but you cannot underestimate the value of well-crafted words.Written media not only tells your brands story but also populates search engines and can harness international audiences to discover you through the web. It is important that your copy writing in web based and print products has a style and tone commensurate with your company or brand values. In the web world it is equally important to have technical considerations brought into that copy writing including consideration for keyword selection and keyword density. Knowing how to develop content that both reflects the company style and brand while making for easy translation to the internet search engines is an art. Typically people are good at one or the other. Let Deep Immersion Media take your company brand style and hone it to work well in the logic based and objective world of internet search.

An additional angle to the importance of copy content is its ability to translate into multiple languages. Today the earth is smaller than it was yesterday and this trend will only continue. Some of your best customers may not understand English. Marketing to English speaking customers alone is a huge mistake. Especially considering there is no additional cost other than some forethought and planning before you craft your message to include non English or English as second language markets.

With today’s modern Content Management System (CMS) based websites, your message can automatically translate into any language based on the viewer’s location. Deep Immersion Media knows how to take your message, compress the verbiage and adjust the style or tone to best suit your target market. We can have search engines and fans coming back again and again to learn more.