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Aerial videography


If an image says 1000 words, then a 360 degree HD video  speaks volumes. Studies have shown that visual media is the king of communication on the internet. Using well designed video productions to bolster your engagement and to draw traffic to your website is hands down the best investment of time and capital in internet marketing. Special technologies and concepts developed by Deep Immersion Media set our Aerial videography products apart from the old school crowd.

360 Degree Videography

360 degree video is the latest and greatest technology to hit videography since the digital video camera. Using 360 degree recording technology allows the viewer to fully immerse in the scene and become the director looking around at any angle that the subjects could have seen while the recording took place. It literally bring the viewer into the scene so they can direct the camera view any way they choose. This is the reason a video shot in 360 degrees is watched and shared throughout the internet 10-100 times more than a similar scene shot in regular format. Deep Immersion  Media is on the for front of utilizing 360 degree video technology coupled with action sports and seductive locations and events to bring more views and more likes to your companies brand and website.

Deep Immersion Media has combined the expertise of Production Technicians, 360 Video Systems Designers, Software Engineers and 360 Video solutions providers to create a fully immersive video experience that will get your markets attention and show them that you know what they want. We offer full 360° video production services, specializing in action sport brand 360 videos, promotional 360 videos and 360 videos commercials. Our services are available for all projects, all over the world and for select forward looking companies. Unlike other companies in this space, we focus on making the 360 degree media available across multiple VR viewing platforms.  Our 360 video player is entirely customizable, allowing for an interactive experience for your market whether they view our content on Facebook, You Tube 360, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, or PlayStation VR. We believe in empowering enterprises with our expertise by utilizing cutting edge technology to associate your forward thinking brand with forward thinking production.

Point of View (POV) & High Definition  Videography

Made famous on the silver screen by the game changing movie "The Blair Witch Project" and thousands of hours of action sport footage to follow, POV video with wide format to establish a scene is still in high demand to video consumers.  Deep Immersion Media also shoots with high definition POV and wide format video equipment when we undertake a project. There is a huge market for POV but you cannot as yet include 2D and 3D video into the same project. Also, sometimes you want to focus the viewers attention on the message and the action and more often than not a viewer just wants a passive experience. Integrating traditional video format with POV allows the viewer to see the forest and the trees at the same time bringing greater meaning and relevance to the action or event. We believe both perspectives have merit when telling a story. Deep Immersion Media generally utilizes multiple points of view to create engaging final video products so the viewer can appreciate the beauty of the location and scope of the event but not miss out of the personal challenges and action taking place for the participants. 

 Drone & Aerial Videography

Aerial videography for years was strictly out of reach for most video productions due to the extraordinary expense of capturing that perspective utilizing a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter with gyro stabilized video cameras. Today with the introduction of ever evolving low cost drones, aerial videography is now in the reach of almost any marketers budget. The impact of aerial footage is incredibly valuable to viewer engagement. It is not often that viewers get to see the aerial perspective so viewer engagement on such footage is greater regardless of subject matter than terrestrial based footage. It will be years before viewers are desensitized to the aerial point of view and as commercial operation of drones and aerial videography equipment is still regulated by the FAA, there is a limited amount of companies who can produce it economically. Deep Immersion Media has a fleet of aerial videography solutions ranging from small high definition drone fleet to the ability to commercially operate helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to capture your events, stunts, and brand messages on any budget in almost any location.

Biometric and Environmental Data Overlay

Even with today's wide array of video and sound capturing technology it can still be a challenge to hold the engagement of all viewers. Over the past several years what was once was amazing stunt of extreme sport is now becoming expected or ordinary. Even big traditional brands have extreme sports heros performing in their commercials in between daytime programming. Action Sports viewership is actually becoming desensitized to the next level of accomplishment as the technical skills to perform such stunts get further and further away from the typical viewers own skills and understanding.

It is Deep Immersion Media's belief that by overlaying the critical information about the participant or subject environment including heart rate, speed over ground, G - Force, depth, rate of descent, air remaining in tank, rate of ascent, temperature, wind speed, and more the viewer can be more immersed into the scene. Overlaying this information just outside of the focus like an aircraft Heads Up Display, allows the viewer to choose between watching the action and referencing the data captured during the action. This additional knowledge provided to the viewer on the screen can immediately make the scene more relevant, exciting, and entertaining. The end result is a more engaging experience for the viewer which leads to more time consuming the content, which is the commercial goal. It is a win-win for both consumer and producer.

This is a similar philosophy used with success by the 24 hour news networks. Viewers who tire of the topic of conversation of the broadcast can look to different parts of the screen to see stock information, breaking news, next topics, or other metrics on daily life that make in some cases the viewing experience more engaging.

As an example, when our viewers see a free-diver underwater kicking towards the surface. If you show them that the diver has been down for close to 3 minutes and is low on air, far from the surface, and struggling to return to the boat, the scene takes on a whole new significance. Many times the relevance of the action is only accessible to those experienced in the action sport or event, so without further information that data overlay can provide, viewers not experienced in that action or event may not fully appreciate it as much.

High definition videos are the perfect media for brands that want to drive viewer engagement to their brand. If you do not believe it look at the arguable the best marketers in the world, Red Bull. By combining 360, Aerial photography, POV, and traditional high definition video technologies Deep Immersion Media’s platform provides the ability to engage with consumers in a more effective and interactive experience that will keep their attention longer than traditional video producers. Deep Immersion Media is an end-to-end video production agency that listens carefully to your goals and expectations for the project and together with your team we come up with a scenario and provide all the necessary elements for production.

Our team consists of cinematographers, pilots, producers, sound engineers and Virtual Reality developers whose sole mission is to provide the best video and Virtual Reality (VR) experience available. Deep Immersion Media are leaders in the production of immersive media video products, aerial videography services and interactive media experiences. All of our  video projects are optimized for web, mobile, and cutting-edge virtual reality headsets.


  • 360 Degree video
    • Capture & record 360° video & audio
    • Stitch, process & edit 360° imagery to produce exciting footage for your brand
    • Scoring, audio commentary and voice-over
    • Optimal encoding of 360 Video so we can push your content to the major 360 degree markets like YouTube, Facebook, and more
    • Web and social media app integration
    • VR and Mobile-VR integration
    • Mobile-compatible viewing options
  • Aerial Video
    • Licensed to operate drones to make aerial video more economical and therefore accessible to all brands
    • Rotary wing pilots on staff to handle super extreme production aerial production requirements
    • Offer dramatic points of view to add a new experience to action sports events that will be unique and different from the consumer or viewers previous experience.
  • Biometric and Environmental Data Overlay
    • Add a digital transparent "heads up" style display to video productions to further engage the viewer in the action
    • Highlight your biometric or environmental data collection systems capability real time in an action packed video
    • Increase the understanding of the action sport or event to the greater viewership making the challenges more relevant to a general or non technical audience.
  • Point of View and Wide Format High Definition
    • Utilize wide format high definition to establish the sense of place and to orient the viewer. Also as a break or perspective change to viewer.
    • Utilize POV to draw the viewer into the action so they can see what it looks like to be the contestant or participant
    • Combine the two with other points of view including aerial and data overlay to keep the viewers eyes glued to the screen.