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We could not believe what we were missing by animating our technology to make understanding it easier for our customers! What a difference a simplified and clean website made for us. Thank you DIM for working with us to make a great product!

Meir Ezra, Founder, Securant

Green My Fleet was receiving so many orders that balls were getting dropped between the supplier and the customer. We were drop shipping alot at the time. Fortunately, you all (Deep Immersion Media) were able to quickly automated the back-end ordering system, integrate tracking for the customer and notifications/confirmations to the suppler. I got my life back. Thank you guys.


Bernard Fernando, Operations Director

Deep Immersion Media simplified our event registration process so that the job of registration now only requires handing out the participant shirts at the event! They totally over delivered on the request by even integrating a ticket printing system and scanning app to check people in at the event. The entire solution was branded too.

Chris G., Web Manager