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Major Fuel Management Lead Generation and Informational website

Securant was a top notch fuel management company that was first to market with wireless fuel dispensing and accounting controls for both fleet and oil company product management. They came to Deep Immersion Media to build a site that would summarize and make accessible the 180 features and complex technologies in their system to the…

Sales lead and Informational Biofuel website

Sunshine Biofuels, a renewable fuel manufacturer in Florida came to Deep Immersion Media to have their store made into a website that would allow people interested in Biofuels to quickly understand their product, the savings they would achieve by using it, and where they could find to for sale. They were blow away with the…

Ecommerce Alternative Fuel Store

Green My Fleet specializes in Ecommerce of Biofuel and alternative fuel manufacturing and consumer level products. They came to Deeper Immersion Media to have the old shopping cart and website revamped and updated to a simple online store that would automate 100% of their business. So we programmed a custom Voluison CMS website for them…

Major Event webite with livecasting and real-time social media

Live and interactive sporting event site custom tailored to the needs of the St Pete Open, The Worlds Largest Spearfishing Tournament. Site features real-time interactive social media, real-time event livecast and image posting along with advertisement and user tracking for revenuw.