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  • Family Fishing Trip

    Family Fishing Trip

    Jeremy is a true and talented videophile, so when he goes on a dolphin family fishing trip, he produces one…


  • Wounded Warriors Run

    Wounded Warriors Run

    Password is: clearblue22 General Electric held a run to show Veteran's support for the Wounded Warriors Project. Deep Immersion Media…


  • Retail Spearfishing Website

    Retail Spearfishing Website

    Neptonic System is experiencing explosive growth since they offer the highest quality and most innovative gear for spearfishing at factory…


  • Sports Club Member Website

    Sports Club Member Website

    The St. Petersburg Underwater Club has been in existence since 1952.  They wanted to have a site that was easy to…


  • Biofuel Technology Blog

    Biofuel Technology Blog

    Green My Fleet wanted to increase traffic to their commercial sales site with a blog but while Volusion has a…


  • Direct Sales Site for Algae Product Company

    Direct Sales Site for Algae Product Comp

    Bionic Algae manufactures exotic and high value algae and algae products. They wished to differentiate themselves from the amateur and unregulated…


  • Major Fuel Management Lead Generation and Informational website

    Major Fuel Management Lead Generation an

    Securant was a top notch fuel management company that was first to market with wireless fuel dispensing and accounting controls…


  • Sales lead and Informational Biofuel website

    Sales lead and Informational Biofuel web

    Sunshine Biofuels, a renewable fuel manufacturer in Florida came to Deep Immersion Media to have their store made into a…


  • Ecommerce Alternative Fuel Store

    Ecommerce Alternative Fuel Store

    Green My Fleet specializes in Ecommerce of Biofuel and alternative fuel manufacturing and consumer level products. They came to Deeper…


  • Major Event webite with livecasting and real-time social media

    Major Event webite with livecasting and

    Live and interactive sporting event site custom tailored to the needs of the St Pete Open, The Worlds Largest Spearfishing…


  • Crowdfunding Ocracoke Park

    Crowdfunding Ocracoke Park

    Ocracoke Island, North Carolina is raising funds to build a new non-profit community park and ballfield. Please watch our video…