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Dust or Glory? Baja 1000 Expedition

Can a production vehicle with the right combination of production aftermarket parts and accessories be capable of completely supporting four crew members needs over a 8,000+ mile 12 day expedition, including running the Baja 1000 Expedition most difficult off road terrain, crossing the Altar Desert, and the Baja 500 without compromising on road performance and without depending on fossil fuel?

Project Purpose:

The projects purpose is to build a truck and trailer that can comfortably and completely support four crew members on an extended expedition in multiple environments, ranging from the most extreme off road conditions to the most mundane highway driving environments. This should all be achieved without sacrificing performance in one arena at the cost of another and the unit must be totally self sufficient of outside support and fossil fuel. To determine the success of the build we will send four crew members from Tampa, FL to La Paz, Mexico and back. Their observations and success in navigating from Florida to Arizona will test the units road worthiness; then the trip from Arizona to La Paz Mexico via off road GPS navigation, including the Baja 1000, 500 and Altar Deserts most difficult terrain, will indicate the off road worthiness of the unit.

Truck Build Objective:

To build a truck using primarily production or bolt on parts that can withstand the punishing conditions of the Baja 1000 without sacrificing its ability to be a realistic daily driver that is comfortable, practical, efficient, and stylish. It must be at home equally serving as a Baja 1000 Expedition pit crew truck running full speed in the deserts of Mexico to catch up with and repair a Trophy truck; as it is pulling a large boat with four passengers to a fishing tournament 200 miles out of town. It must be more efficient, more powerful, and more environmentally friendly than stock. Finally, it should not require one drop of petroleum based fuel or oil, have less impact on the environment than it did at the start, and look great at any valet line.

Trailer Build Objective:

The trailer must be able to handle the same environments as the tow vehicle and be able to provide support in the form of food, water, and shelter for the crew as well as equipment and tools for the truck without dampening the tow vehicles performance significantly. It must be built of equally durable material and able to transport a realistic supply of necessities for both crew and truck over an extended expedition in any environment.

The Test:

The test will be to survive an eleven day round trip expedition from Tampa, FL to La Paz, Mexico including the crossing of the Altar desert and the Baja 1000 race route on the way down and a portion of the Baja 500 race route on our return. The truck and trailer will run all highway miles until Arizona where it will navigate below the US border below Tucson in Nogales, MX and then passing through the Sierra El Pinacate volcanic and crater region, the Altar Desert, the Laguna Seda salt flats, and fording the Colorado River on our way to Ensenada for the start of the Baja 1000 Expedition. The truck must complete the Baja 1000’s race route from Ensenada to La Paz in two days and navigate a new route using off road trails and the Baja 500 course on the return trip. Then, the truck must cross the border in Nogales following a similar route as on the way down but further north so as not to back track the same routes through the deserts and salt flats. Finally, it must return to Tampa, FL to conclude a trip of roughly 8,000 miles; of which 4,000 miles on road and 4,000 miles off road and 100% free of fossil fuel.