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Aerial Photography

Aerial photograph was taken in 1858 by French photographer and balloonist, Gaspar Felix Tournachon, known as "Nadar".

Aerial photography offers an unbelievable shooting of the ground from an elevated position and give you some great, memorable photos. It includes photographs taken from helicopter, sky drives,  blimps and dirigibles, rockets, pigeons, parachutes etc. It can be a rewarding and challenging experience. It can produce unique shots that look different than any other ground shot you have ever taken. For the mapping of terrestrial features, aerial photographs usually are taken in overlapping series from an aircraft following a systematic flight pattern at a fixed altitude.Deep immersion media can give you some great, memorable photos. Aerial photographs result from two ways of recording the ground, firstly routine survey to photograph a pre-defined area of land and secondly archaeological reconnaissance by an airborne observer who photographs objects seen and understood to be of interest..

In Aerial photography Course and speed are set before entering the area to be photographed, to ensure uniformity of speed and altitude. Each photograph depicts an area that includes several control points, the locations of which are determined by ground-surveying techniques.  The result is an image of a narrow strip, which can be combined with overlapping images of neighboring strips to produce a panoramic view, commonly called a mosaic. involves the simultaneous projection of the overlapping views, makes possible the preparation of contour maps or three-dimensional models of the terrestrial surface that has been photographed is known as photogrammetry. Aerial photographs may be high oblique , low oblique, or vertical . Only the vertical may be accurately scaled for map-making purposes.

Deep Immersion Media is aerial filming and photography production companies. using 360° 3-rotation capabilities camera and create ultra-smooth, cinematic at 4k resolution.When you are riding your bike, a half pipe, the back country,  your board, your rig what is going through your mind? Over the course of the experience it is likely you are doing more than passively observing  your surroundings. This is what takes you to your zen spot, or the place in your head you go when you go for a run, ride, jump, dive, or paddle. So let us help you take your audience there too. Let's engage them fully, hear the cadence of the feet pounding, the heartbeat, the sights and sounds but also the RPM, the g force, the dive time, the altitude, the speed over ground, the things you just cannot easily convey with an image or typical video clip. Until now, Let Deep Immersion Media put your tribe in the action. They will thank you for it.

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